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    Xander's Weibo Tweet & Translation.


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    Xander's Weibo Tweet & Translation.

    Post  Mandy on Fri Jan 21, 2011 7:49 pm

    Alexander's weibo post
    這個世界很現實… 最壞的人可能是對你最無害之心的人。最好的人,你最信任的那一個,卻是能夠狠心地在你背後插下數十刀的賤人。求主賜給我容忍之心,讓我能夠大量地容忍這個難關,去正面地面對這個殘酷的事實。

    Translated it reads like this:
    This world is very realistic. The baddest person might be the person who would have the least interest in hurting you. The best person, the person you trust the most, might be an evil enough bastard to stab you behind the back more than ten times. I pray to god to give me endurance, so i can endure these hardships, to go straight down to face the cruel truth.


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